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Charlotte Proudman sexist and can't keep a man

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Mansfield Chambers
5 Chancery Lane
Charlotte Rachael Proudman, barrister-at-law. She features in one of the most explosive lawyer exposés of the year: the centre of attraction. But she became hypocrite of the year.

Like most barristers in our adversarial court system Charlotte Proudman argues her point knowing full well there’s another side to the story – which she does not put up for consideration in her own public exposé of solicitor Alexander Carter-Silk. In other words, outside the courtroom, she is a cheat and should be disbarred.

On the professional networking website Linkedin, Human Rights lawyer Charlotte Proudman gets in touch with senior solicitor Mr Carter-Silk and he responds by saying of her approach and profile picture: ‘Charlotte, delighted to connect, I appreciate that this is probably horrendously politically incorrect but that is a stunning picture!!!’. She replies: ‘Alex, I find your message offensive. I am on Linked-in for business purposes not to be approached about my physical appearance or to be objectified by sexist men. Unacceptable and misogynistic behaviour. Think twice before sending another woman (half your age) such a sexist message.’

Ms Proudman’s response, which she made public, is the kind of attack that can only come from a hormonal feminist snob. She has even reported Mr Carter-Silk to the Solicitors Regulation Authority. She is like those women who dress half-naked on a Saturday night out and when a man they don’t like the look of comments on their ‘Behold my tight arse and firm breasts’ invitation, they scream harassment!

But what unmarried Ms Proudman did not know at the time of her Daily Mail published Linkedin reply to Mr Carter-Silk was that The Daily Mail were receiving information regarding men Ms Proudman had complimented on their good looks on social media. On the photos of two separate men Charlotte Proudman had commented ‘Hot stuff!’ and ‘oooo lalala!’.

Some bloggers said she has ruined her career by her ungracious comments to a fellow lawyer which she then makes public - indicating that she cannot be trusted in a professional context. Ms Proudman is only 27 and in terms of experience is just a novice. Her head of Chambers Michael Mansfield QC, one of the finest barristers in the UK, must be cringing with embarrassment at his junior’s horrendous lack of judgement.  Mr Carter-Silk should report Charlotte Rachael Proudman to the Bar Council for unprofessional conduct for deliberately trying to mislead the public.

Having said this, solicitor Alexander Carter-Silk of law firm Brown Rudnick is, for different reasons, a complete arsehole himself for comments he made on social media of his own daughter. What self-respecting father, as the Daily Mail of the 11th September 2015 so rightly pointed out, comments on a picture of his semi-naked daughter (pictured in The Daily Mail) saying: ‘Yeee gods she is hot!!’? Even her 60 year old mother added: ‘That’s my girl!!’.


Temper...temper — Derek
I see Proudman was a name she chose after rejecting her family name after falling out with them. She lost her father when only a child. She has psychological issues. What about no photo at all on her professional sites. Or she should wear a hijab to stop men ogling her.


In spite of her high-minded rhetoric in her article on men unfairly ruling the roost in the judiciary in The Guardian newspaper of 24 September 2015, Charlotte Proudman cannot overcome the fact that she is still a hypocrite for her inane comments to and actions over solicitor Alexander Carter-Silk. No matter how much she tries to mask this with other intellectual comments on the state of womanhood in the UK workplace, Proudman is still an immature jerk.

Women are welcome in the legal profession and many make excellent solicitors in the best firms.But after a few years they are exhausted and often eager to do something else. It is bad enough for male solicitors. And women need to look after the children. Not just for a few months then shove them off to nursery.

Of course the judiciary is mostly founded on the old boys' network.Even so, the brightest barristers struggle to earn a living in the early years. They need a private income or a wealthy partner. Lord Sumption is correct when he says it will take a long time for the imbalance to change. He knows the how the system operates and that change is slow. He is the brain of Britain, but even he is mortal and can make mistakes.


Keith — The Judiciary
More to the point what about the 'others'? As Matthew Ryder QC tweeted: "Worth remembering:one high court judge of black or Asian heritage. None in court of appeal: none in supreme court."

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way back in uni she was active. Went to a party with the football team and everybody scored.

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